Building my fyrmusica bandcamp site

It has been a while since I last blogged and for that I do apologise. I have had to spend some time re-working my Lewis Music website. For reasons I need not go into here, the system I had for offering mp3s for purchase and download became inoperational. I think the world has moved on somewhat since I set that up. Anyway, some of my friends on the Second Life live music forum (EvaMoon, Toby, Krell, and others) came up with some suggestions and pointed me towards the Bandcamp site. Having looked into it, I have established my own page with them and have started on a plan to eventually get all my song tracks up there, so that you can download them should you so desire, my dear blogophiles. My thinking at present is to offer the bulk of them as free downloads but with the option for the person downloading to make a small PayPal payment, should they feel the urge. I have yet to sort out all those details. Here is the link:
And those of you who know me as Fyrm Fouroux, the live music performer in Second Life, will notice that I have chosen the name of my SL fan group (fyrmusica) as the name for my pages on Bandcamp.

One of the exciting things about taking my stuff to Bandcamp is that they encourage musicians to put up a piece of artwork for each track. This has prompted me to get back into a some digital drawing and I have so far made sketches for ‘Fish n Chips’, ‘Mrs Growbeck’ and ‘The Annual Car Service’. I am currently wondering about using paper media, as opposed to digital. The only reservation I have is that I don’t have access to an A3 scanner any more and taking a digital photo of the artwork has not worked too well in the past. If I draw in pencil, pen and ink, or pastel, I could probably do it on A4 drawing paper and that would be ok.  I know, too much detail….

Some of the sound files I have of my songs date back to the early 1980s. Although this is of some interest to me, I have decided that I would ideally like to make fresh recordings for this new venture. However, it is not going to be possible, from a financial point of view, for me to go into a proper recording studio. I do have the Cakewalk Sonar software which enables me to record separate tracks (e.g. voice, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, piano… bla, bla, bla) but that way of doing it is very time consuming. I am much more attracted to capturing tracks from my live performance in SL; somehow I feel that the freshness that comes with live performance outways the minor technical blemishes that may arise (and even the odd bum note). I have tested this out with one song: ‘The Annual Car Service’ and I think it works really well. Maybe you could have a listen and let me know what you think? I am able to take a copy of my live performance with the SimpleCast software I use for streaming the sound up to the internet. I then tidy up the sound file in Sonar, with minimal editing involved.

There is one problem with doing this. I had the urge to record a sax track over some of the verses of ‘The Annual Car Service’, using a nice saxaphone voicing on my digital piano. When I set up Sonar to record this track over the live vocal-guitar track, I suddenly realised that the guitar, although in tune with itself, was slightly sharp compared to the absolute pitch of the piano. I shall have to watch this in future.

Finally, a word about the tadcaster guitar project… It has been too cold to do much in my external workshop so I have been waiting for better spring weather to do my airbrush painting of the body. I think the time is coming to get started, and I look forward to giving you pictorial updates as they arise. Talk to you later.

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