Brie and Bacon Panini at Hexham

I drove over to Hexham today to meet up with my friend, Patrick. He drives down from the moors of Cumbria and we then have a brunch (today I had a brie and bacon panini with salad) at the Hexham Arts Centre. We have been doing this about once every month or two for decades. We usually  have two or three cups of coffee spread over a two or three hour chat about this, that and everything else. Patrick has to drive a big land rover in order to get around where he lives in the winter months and, even today, he drove through some snow which still has not gone away. I am putting up a pic of his vehicle here; I think it is truly amazing. In the past, I have sometimes travelled in it with him. When I go to get in the passenger seat, I have to get out the rope and pitons and more or less rock climb up into the cabin. It was good driving home again at lunch time, with clear blue skies and lots of sun.

Patrick's Land Rover

I had a chat with Patrick about the tadcaster project and when I got home I tidied up my workshop in preparation for some slightly more focussed airbrush tests.  Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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