The weeks flash by

I have two milestones in my week: the piano lesson on Wednesday and the full English breakfast on Friday. It is now Thursday evening and I am already looking forward to meeting up with my mate Tom for the full English tomorrow. We are going to a local garden centre which does a mighty fine breakfast IMHO. The ambience is a tad junglesque and one occasionally gets a whiff of potting compost. However, it is an ace location for the consumption of bacon, eggs, and much, much more.

The trouble with weekly milestones is that you can easily see what has and has not been done since the passing of the previous one. I know that last week I bought lawn feed, patio weed killer, and a packet of cabbage seeds, all of which have stayed resolutely untouched in their plastic bag in the shed. A week of good intentions gone to pot (and this is not a reference to cannabis, although chance might well be a fine thing).

There has also been only small progress on the tadcaster project. I do now have a wider range of airbrush acrylic colours: magenta, violet, sepia, cyan and more. We have yet to discover how they will be deployed.

Of course, I have not been a total slouch. I have now produced four pieces of artwork for my tracks. And I am looking forward to sorting out many more in the future. There are two sides to this. One is laying down a half decent music track. The other is making the drawing for the track artwork. Each of these paths have their own set of hurdles. I hate athletics, btw (unfortunate reference to hurdles, there). Indeed, I do all I can to avoid watching sport on TV.  The thing that really bugs me about competitive sport is the presumption that there might be enough people with nothing else better to do than be spectators. I think if competitive sports could be played privately somewhere, where nobody other than the players and related officials ever knew the result or the fact that the event was taking place, that would be just fine. Then the folks who want to do that sort of thing could get off on it without bothering the rest of us. All this mass media bollox and interminable post-mortem stuff is beyond the pale. I mean, to speak American for a minute, who gives a rat’s ass?

I might be being a trifle hypocritical here since music performance usually, but not inevitably, has an audience. I shall ponder that one. Talk to you later.

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