Broccoli Mini-Muffins

So dinner time comes around and I recall that I have around 100g of cooked broccoli in the pan, left over from lunch time.I turn to the lovefoodhatewaste site and search for a recipe. I am in luck: broccoli mini-muffins:
This is a simple recipe. I mash the broccoli, add some self-raising flour, seasoning, a little grated Cheddar cheese, an egg, a little oil and some English mustard powder. I stir the ingredients into a gunge and then spoon it into a backing tray that I use for small Yorkshire puddings. I slide this into my pre-heated oven for 25 minutes.

Broccoli mini-muffins with fried chicken and onion gravy

Meanwhile, I cut a plump chicken breast into chunks, chop an onion, and get everything frying in a lightly oiled pan. Once the chicken is browned I add some water together with about half a veggy stock cube. Then I simmer until it is time to thicken with a shake of  flour. Out come the mini-muffins and onto the plate with the fried chicken and source. This time I do watch the news. I look out the window to check the accuracy of the weather report. Yes, they have got it right: the snow is falling. More is to come; the temperature is set to plummet overnight. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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