Car snowed up

There has been another fall of snow overnight. I think it must be around 10 days ago when I last drove my car. Some people in the street do seem to have kept their vehicles moving but I gave up the fight early on in this cold snap. Food is a concern but I have stocked up with some basic things like muesli and potatoes. I have also bought some tinned food, on the basis that we should be able to eat that if we lose gas and electricity. Hopefully, such an  extreme scenario will not become reality.

Car snow bound

Speaking of reality, last night I played a gig at The Cup n Spittle in Second Life and half-way through the show the building poofed; it vanished. I looked around and we were all standing on the snow. It felt very cold. One person had put a puffer jacket on his avi, and he looked warm as toast. I rummaged around in my inventory and found my santa outfit, from last year. I put that on and played out the piano part of the gig. Strangely enough, after 3 years, it seems more natural for me to say “I put that on…” rather than “I put the outfit on my avatar”. I think of Fyrm Fouroux as my virtual persona; I should say that it is more tangible than an imaginary childhood friend might be. It certainly raises some interesting questions about the concept of person.

I am going to try to avoid going out of the house for the rest of the day. I have put the recycling bins out and in doing so gained quite enough fresh air to last me a couple of days. I think a great deal of piano and guitar practice might take place. Apart from that, I have started to read Bleak House by Charles Dickens on my Kindle. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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