Esse est percipi

I press the light switch on my digital watch and, grappling for my spectacles, peer into the little screen; it is 05.00 a.m. Grumpishly, I toss and turn but sleep eludes me. I get out of bed, make a cup of tea and bring it upstairs, with a couple of biscuits for dunking. And here I am, typing to you.

I shall go back to bed a bit later. I need to top up my sleep by a couple of hours because I am going on a trip today to see my friend Patrick. He lives in the middle of nowhere in an alternate reality known as ‘Beyond Alston’. You can’t even get a mobile phone signal in his house.

FungiI am in the garden, yesterday, walking around aimlessly. What is this, by the path? A clump of fungi. [Cut to my bedroom bookshelf… opening the book on mushrooms and toadstools… flip, flip, squint, sigh… can’t find it… return book to shelf] So, do you know what they are? If so, please tell me in a comment here.





RoseI spot a red rose, solitary. I capture its moment of extreme autumnal beauty with my camera. I am thoughtful. I am taking this picture in order to share it with you. I can think of no other reason. This triggers further thoughts. What am I doing, writing this blog. I am sharing my life with you. Esse est percipi, as Bishop Berkeley is reported to have once said: To be, is to be percieved. You, my dear blogophiles, are the ones who percieve what I am thinking here, and thus indirectly assist me to be. A couple of centuries ago I might well have been writing in my leather-bound journal with my quill pen; writing for posterity. The journal, with its copperplate hand, would have held the promise that one day someone, perhaps you, would have stumbled upon it as you poke about some dusty junk shop back room, nosing through the fruits harvested from a cash-in-hand house clearance. In your act of reading, you would have retrospectively bestowed existence upon my hypothetical being of the past.

If I read my own blog, I am able to narcissistically confirm my own existence; this is the mental equivalent of physically standing in front of a mirror. Does my ego look fat in this blog? I might ask myself, as I metaphorically fondle my adjectival clauses.

I have to get this blog posted and get back to bed for a bit more sleep. I shall talk to you later, my dear blogophiles.

One Response to “Esse est percipi”

  1. Toby Lancaster Says:

    “Does my ego look fat in this blog?” LOL!

    Just so you know, I can perceive that you exist too!

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