Gigs, gigs, and gigs

I am sitting at the table with a sea view at Bungalow cafe. In fact we look out onto the harbour and Roker pier. I have taken a pic to give you an idea of the sort of day it is today.  The waitress has just served us with the full English breakfast and Tom has poured the coffee. We take a bite, and then relax into a couple of hours of meandering conversation, as is our wont each Friday morning.

Full English





















zzzapppp… where did time go? Did I experience Saturday? Can I remember anything significant about it? Oh… it is all coming back. This reminds me of the time I had a bad concussion when I was playing rugby once. The memories start to trickle back.

Friday night was a good late night gig at Terra Fyrmusica. There was a nice crowd there. We got griefed (smoke bombs). I was over the other side of my studio playing piano. We didn’t manage to work out who it was. Anyway, it was a great gig. RichJack and Costello were there and we hung out after the show had finished, along with Jeaninne and Gil. Coinslot was there I remember, too, but he moved on (my guess is to another gig).

I stayed up real late on Friday night. I remember  going with Woody to the Mocha bar at the Nitida Ridge .. must have been around 3 or 4 a.m. my time. They had a pass the mic session going on and I took over from Jellyjellyjelly Benelli and played some stuff on piano. I can’t normally sing as late as that but I was on my own, apart from my daughter downstairs. I really had a blast. My voice was growling. Surprising as it may seem, I went to bed and then got up in time to play my one hour show at Foxy Hollow at 11 a.m. on Saturday. I also later caught the relay streaming show where JJJ sang the songs and played acoustic guitar, streamed it to Toby Lancaster who then played his guitar lead over the top and that sound was then streamed up to Second Life and back down to the listeners. I loved their show. JJJ has a good voice and plays some good songs. Toby is an excellent guitar player; he is very melodic, without being too flash about it. I certainly want to catch them again.

So back to Sunday, and I played Cascadia Harmonics at 7 p.m., as usual. Reg, who is German, was at the gig so I sang a Rammstein song (Ohne Dich). I’m really getting into Rammstein. I also slotted in a timed 3 minute digital piano improvisation in a string quartet voicing. As usual, folks thought of it in terms of a horror movie sound track. I have stopped using my kitchen timer because the beeps are just too shrill. I now use my digital watch timer. When it goes off, I take one hand of the piano and hold the watch to the mic. I think that works quite well. Anyway, I think my arrangement of Geldorf’s Mondays song is coming on nicely now. I am very pleased with it

Ok. It is nearly midnight. I had better get to bed or something. Speak to you later.

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