Straw hat

Here is today’s still life. Had it been sunny, I would have been wearing it, sitting in the garden. As it is, I have drawn it.

Pencil sketch of my straw hat

I did some research in Google about my Hewlet Packard Pavilion laptop fan. Apparently it is a very common problem. There are quite a few complaints on YouTube about it. I only got mine in March and so it is still under warranty, so I will try and get it fixed. Looking back, it is interesting that the salesperson at PC World said nothing about this issue when I bought it. Yet they must have been aware of the problem. If not, then that smacks of incredible incompetence for the major PC super store in the UK. Of course, even if I get it fixed by HP, it will probably mean reinstalling all the software etc and that takes ages. What a nuisance, and what a waste of time. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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