Healthy Sunday lunch

Today I was given the challenge to prepare a Sunday lunch, going easy on the calories. For this reason, I did not bother to open the pages of my Julia Child book. Rather, I turned to a Cranks cookbook, since a preference was also expressed for something meat-free. I chose to make a spring onion soup, including a hefty presence of chick peas. I then planned to follow the soup with some dressed leeks and new potatoes. I have assembled most of the ingredients in this photo.

Ingredients for spring onion soup and dressed leeks

The soup was very straightforward. I cooked some young asparagus shoots in the soup.At the end, I lived things up with a good squeeze of lime, and then served it hot with a bread roll. The leeks only needed to be blanched for about five minutes. The dressing was the most interesting aspect of that dish. I used a yoghurt base, into which I put chopped basil, chives and corriander, along with some crushed garlic and a dash of tabasco. The new potatoes were… well, new potatoes. I put some mint in the pan while I was cooking them. I have to say that it was a very tasty meal. Personally, I should have liked a grilled chicken breast on the plate with the dressed leeks, but it was fine as a vegetarian dish.

Dressed leeks with new potatoes

Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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