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September 19, 2011

Yesterday our friends Ali and Maura visited and I made a few canapés. This turned out to be a moderately labour-intensive activity but interesting, nevertheless.

My selection of canapés and snacks

At first I tried to make king prawn wraps with spinach leaves but they proved to be too tender and too small for the task in hand. This necessitated a return trip to the supermarket to buy some cabbage leaves. These, however, proved to be a little too tough and heavy for the job, despite softening in the microwave. I had to resort to the use of cocktail sticks in order to secure the wraps.

I then stuffed some medium sized tomatoes with a mashed potato and garlic coriander filling. The garlic was crushed, raw, in the pestle and mortar; it blew a hole in the roof of my mouth when I tried a spoonful. The potatoes had been lifted from the garden, about a week ago.

I then did a plate of spirals of white bread and smoked salmon. The bread I ironed flat with a rolling pin and brushed the surface with melted butter coloured green from squeezed spinach juice. I then rolled four separate slices of bread to make four salmon rolls and I wrapped each one in cling film and popped them in the freezer. About an hour ahead of the visit I took the rolls out of the freezer and sawed off the spirals with a bread knife.

I hollowed out some lengths of a halved cucumber and stuffed them with the spinach I had cooked for its green juice (used for the salmon spirals). This was relatively straightforward.

Finally, I made a couple of double decker toasties.  I guess these should be described as snacks, rather than canapés. For the filling I used Lollo Rosso lettuce from the garden, turkey breast slices, sliced tomato and sliced white cheese. I covered each of the internal sides of toast with mayonnaise. Once assembled, I halved the double-deckers and served them. These toasties were the most successful of all the items that I had prepared for the visit. Our friends brought cream cakes – mmmm….

In between the cooking and entertaining, I played two SL gigs: one at B&B’s and one at Cascadia Harmonics. I have to admit that I had had a couple of glasses of wine by the time I got to the Cascadia gig but it proved to be an enjoyable show anyway. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.