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Smart-Phone Desk Support

April 3, 2020

Today is Friday and, were it not for Self-Isolation and lock-down, I would be meeting my friend Tom for a good chin-wag over a full English breakfast, in a cafe of pleasing ambience somewhere nearby in the city. As things stand we made do by each making a cup of coffee in our own homes and having a lengthy phone conversation. Although we could not completely avoid the topic of Covid-19 we tried, with some success, to prevent it dominating our agenda.

I decided to take the conversation at my studio desk.  I had recently come across advertisements for smart phone holders on the Internet and I wondered whether I might sort something out for myself, as opposed to laying the phone flat on the desk or holding it to my ear as if it were a dinosaur phone. I think I did pretty well, given a few bits and pieces that I happened to have close at hand. Let me tell you all about it!

The first thing I decided was to raise the phone up, so that the microphone would have a better chance of catching my voice, hands-free. Luckily I had The Concise Oxford English dictionary and Roget’s thesaurus on my bookshelf and these two volumes gave me the height I was seeking…

As you can see, I also placed a rather nice wooden box on top of the thesaurus. On opening the box, I found that I had a few old plectra (I prefer the Latin plural to the English ‘plectrums’) inside. Here they are…

I removed the plectra and bodged a support using a small wooden cube together with an old retractable table measure (red) that I found in my bureau draw…

I put my phone into the holder and turned on the camera. It seems to avoid the whole ‘up nostrils’ thing that many laptop cameras appear to go for.

So, that was a very satisfying way to spend some Self-Isolation time.

Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles