In first life my name is John Lewis Smith. I am interested in music and have been playing guitar and singing for many years. I sometimes play at buskers evenings in pubs in the northeast of England but I am becoming less and less keen on doing that. Often the pub is noisy and so either people can’t hear you or the PA system has to be turned up to a ridiculously loud level. Compared to the typical pub singing environment, Second Life offers a much more interesting and demanding opportunity to present my own original songs, as well as my arrangements of covers. On the internet I now use my digital piano as my accompanying instrument for about half the songs I sing in my one hour shows.

Apart from the music, I am studying for a Masters degree in Design and Animation on a part-time basis and I am about half-way through my course. In connection with this, I have developed an interest in sketching with pencil, pen & ink, watercolour, and pastels (although not all at once).

I used to do a lot of cooking but I tend to do much less of that now.

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