My recent Internet Gig is up on my Website, now

Hello! This is just to let you know that I have an mp3 version of the show I streamed up live to the Internet yesterday, 7th February, to the virtual community known as 3rd Rock Grid (3RG) on OpenSim. The gig lasts around 40 minutes. I have spent minimal time editing out mistakes and so forth, so what you hear is a warts & all version. The programme is as follows:

  • Fish & Chips*
  • Bad Things
  • Breathe Softly*
  • Rant about the Prime Minister
  • Civilian Reveille*
  • Full English Breakfast*
  • Homburg
  • Creaking Joints*
  • First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

*These songs are my originals (Lyrics & Music by John Lewis Smith)

I played the gig as Fyrm Fouroux (my avatar, since 2008).

I doubt I shall leave this gig up for very long. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

My website can be found at

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