Triadic Autodidactic Polymorphism

Recently I have been pondering the nature of my existential creativity during the English lock-down. I am coming into my 19th week of voluntary self-isolation and as my external world shrinks, my in-house creative activity appears to be expanding in an exponential fashion. I have come up with a home-made syndrome that seems to cover my plight: Triadic Autodidactic Polymorphism (TAP, for short). I have attempted to provide a diagrammatic definition of this state of affairs. I started to do this with a pencil on the back of an envelope, as one does, but soon gravitated to a sheet of an A3  layout pad that I had lying around. I thought I would share the final outcome with y’all…

Triadic Creativity

If feels good to have got this out of my system but was it really just a displacement activity instead of getting on with the novel, the new songs, the artwork, bla, bla, bla! Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles!

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