Day #012 of my Self-Isolation

It has been patchy. I seem to have plenty to do at times; other periods are boringly flat. The idea of gaining sufficient quantities of good/interesting TV seems more and more remote, the further I vanish down the path of Self-Isolation into the void that might be a black hole for all I know. Death, without metaphysical belief,  looms as a rather bland, if inevitable, possibility.

My interest in following what is happening in the world through my favoured news channel (BBC News-24) is waning as the chat drones on about the topic of Covid-19, with endless repeats of short video-streamed interviews. Of course, in a lock-down, folk are not getting out and doing stuff and reporters are wisely limiting their movements to the bare minimum of what is allowed, I imagine. So, paradoxically, there is not much variation from a conventional news perspective at this point in time when we are all embraced by possibly the greatest, all-encompassing event ever.

I have spoken in the past of my tendency to Auto-Didactic Polymorphism (ADP). This is a pseudo-syndrome that I invented whilst pondering life over a cup of tea and a biscuit, some years ago. It occurs to me that ADP might be a strength in combating Lock-Down Syndrome (LDS), since I ought to be able to think of plenty of things to do. I decided, a few days ago, to make up a weekly timetable in order to provide myself with a degree of temporal structure (this is also something that the very lovely Stephen Fry advocated in a recent BBC interview). It has proven to be a more difficult task than I at first envisaged. Still, I did manage to cobble something together today. Let me tell you how I am getting on.

The timetable schedules some weekly domestic chores for Saturday morning and afternoon (1: cleaning the bathroom; 2: cleaning the bedroom). I am pleased to report that I have completed both of these tasks. I have a one-off event in the diary which must be done in about one hour’s time. I have agreed to play a one-hour show for Medecins-Sans-Frontieres at a virtual musical event in the 3rd Rock Grid, Open Sim, on the Internet. I shall get ready for that shortly.

The other thing that I have to do is to spend some time on a new sketch (I have set aside three sessions per week for drawing/painting). However, I am stuck on this one, at the moment. The other day I decided to move on from my Doppelganger project (you can see this on my website). I have not yet worked out what I want to sketch next. If I was Van Gogh, I could just put a bunch of sunflowers in a vase, I suppose, but that doesn’t inspire me. You could say that this blog is a displacement activity, to hide my creative inadequacy on the well-sharpened pencil front. I’ve already had two cups of tea, to no avail. And my next blog was not due on the timetable until next Wednesday.

First day of the new regime and it is falling apart already! When all else fails, I guess one can always read a book. Speak to you later. Bye for now.

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