Day #005 of my Self-Isolation

It is day #005 of my Voluntary Self-Isolation (VSI). It is 0500 in the early morning and, having woken up at 0400, I find myself unable to get back to sleep. Thus I am sitting at my computer, sipping a mug of decaf tea, grinding out this desultory blog.

I am due to receive my first supermarket delivery this morning. I am hoping this will go smoothly; it is essential that it does, if my attempt at VSI is to be successful.

In terms of passing the time through the weeks, I’m thinking it would be good if I could set up a daily phone chat to friends/family (maybe a different person each day of the week). I suppose my Internet shows could provide enough virtual social interaction for Monday and Thursday. Apart from that, I usually speak with my brother on Sundays and my friend Tom on Fridays. So, that leaves Tue/Wed/Sat to be covered. I could knock one of those days out with my friend Patrick, although he hates strict plans/schedules; he is more of a spontaneous person. I need to give this some more thought.

So far, my reading has been sporadic, at best, and my sketching is going very slowly. I think I need to move beyond the ‘dopplegangers’ project. I had been intending to build a virtual gallery on the 3RG (3rd Rock Grid) on the Open Sim space (Internet). I could think about that, too.

I understand what the UK government is trying to do in terms of managing the Corvid-19 virus pandemic in England. They want a series of flat peaks, low enough for the NHS to be able to deal with at any given time. In other words, they are going to crack down on social interaction to flatten the peaks, but when new cases start to fall away they will relax the rules to allow a bit more interaction so a few more folks can get the virus. Then they will apply the breaks to social interaction to stop the rise of infection surging past the capacity of the NHS. This will go on, up and down, until the entire population has had the virus or a vaccine has been developed and the vulnerable groups are inoculated.  Current thinking seems to be that it will take at least 12 to 18 months for the new vaccine to be developed and tested.

The government is currently injecting vast amounts of money into society (businesses, public institutions, individuals temporarily unable to work due to VSI, etc). This is tantamount to printing money and might well be seen as a form of inflation. A less toxic interpretation would be to see the raising of government loans as a way of spreading the cost of the Corvid-19 episode over many years into the (possibly distant) future. However, I have to admit that I have not yet got my head around how, precisely, this is going to affect the person on the Clapham omnibus when all is said and done. Ordinarily, the value of one’s cash would be decimated. Grounds for optimism seem scant!

It is now just past 0600 and I should go back to bed and try to get some more sleep. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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