Taking stock in MMXX

Not sure what I am doing in terms of my media activities. My Twitter account has been quiet for over a year and I have almost no followers (hardly surprising). The fact that Trump seems to rule the world via Twitter causes me to wonder whether I should get into it a bit more, although I can’t think of a good reason to do that. I have not blogged since October 2019, and here we are in MMXX (don’t you just love those Roman numerals?)

I started working on a series of pencil sketches which I have put up on my website here on the doppelgangers page. I’ve done nine so far.

I had been writing a lot of new songs using the Cubase DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I uploaded home studio recordings of these to the bandcamp site. I have just under 30 tracks on my page, all with my original artwork, lyrics to each of the songs; I don’t know if anybody is listening to the songs, but there has not been a single download from the site. All I am asking is £1 GBP to buy the track download. I just thought it would help pay for some of my production costs, studio equipment, website rental, and so forth. It is quite time-consuming to do the writing, recording and artwork; I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth the candle. BTW, that is an interesting phrase. In the old days, prior to household electricity, to stay up late writing would involve lighting a candle in order to see what one was doing. My mother used to have to light a candle to go upstairs to bed, in the winter. I grew up in a house with an outside toilet in which there was no electric light; my mother kept, on the floor, a candle in a holder and a box of matches, in case anyone needed to use it at night. Happy days!

Last year I did attempt to do some VLOGS (video podcasts) and, like everything else, virtually nobody watched them. I quit doing that.

I continue to play my live music shows in Second Life. Nowadays I play two gigs per week (I have my schedule up on this website). There is a lively group called ‘The Wailers’ who attend regularly, along with my Internet friends Ferdy, Madelin, and others. At present, a few other fans log in from time to time but that is about the size of my audience. Given that I play on a virtual world-wide stage, my audience may therefore be regarded as modest by any reckoning.

I have written two novels and they are both available (printed as single copies, when the order is placed with the Internet pubishers). I guess they are a bit pricey but nobody has ever bought one (well, my good friend Tom did, I think). The relevant links are on my website.

I’ve currently got two new songs written but they are not yet recorded and copyrighted. I’ve also been working on a new novel. However, I am starting to wonder whether this creative stuff is worth doing at all. One possibility (given my age of LXXV and the likelihood of a Covid-19 death for old gits – in the offing) would be to fritter my time away, instead. I could: read more airport novels (but not at airports); watch more Crap Cable Movies; vegetate; take more naps; watch NEWS-24 ~ enjoy a quiet retirement at home (ROFL). Hmmmh.

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