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Change to my Second Life Regular Performance Days

October 12, 2019

Hello My Dear Blogophiles,
Sorry it has been so long since the last entry. Anyway, this blog is to inform you about changes in my Internet music show dates & to tell you about what I am currently doing, music-wise.

As from today, I shall be playing the following regular shows:
MONDAYS (Each week at midday – Terra Fyrmusica, Second Life) – but NOT the 1st Monday of the month.
MONDAY (First Monday of each month at 10 a.m. – Fyrm by the Waters Edge, 3rd Rock Grid)
THURSDAYS (Each week at midday – Cafe Musique, Second Life)

At present, I have no other regular gigs in my callendar. ALL the above times are expressed in terms of the Second Life time zone which is the same as that of Los Angeles in the States. Hope that is clear!

I will just say a few words about my current musical interests and activities. Since August 2019 I have brought on stream three new songs. These have all been arranged and recorded in my home studio using the D.A.W. [Digital Audio Workstation] called CUBASE. They are fully orchestrated with a rhythm section (drums & bass), so I don’t classify them as ‘live music’ in the true sense of the word. At present, I am using one of these songs as an Interval Song which I stream up in the middle of my show (between the guitar and the piano halves). As you know, it usually takes me a few minutes to sort things out in my studio when I move between instruments, so this is working well, I feel. Unfortunately, I still leave my avatar playing guitar when he should be sat at the piano tickling the ivories, but usually somebody reminds me!

If I can keep up the pace and pressure on my new compositions, I may alter the format of my show into 3 sections, as opposed to the present 2 sections (guitar; piano). The 3 section format would be: 1) Guitar songs 2) Studio DAW songs 3) Piano songs. This is just a dream at present; I am nowhere near moving to that stage of organisation right now. My present thinking is to move back more heavily into original composition and gradually reduce the number of covers I play within my shows. I will say a few more words about that.

I have never enjoyed large audiences at my shows (1800 gigs, since January 2008). An audience of 10 avatars would constitute an extraordinary LARGE crowd for me! However, that having been said, I have always had a small number of EXTREMELY loyal followers, and without them I would be lost! I originally included covers in my song lists, thinking they might attract more folks to my style of music/songs, but that has manifestly NOT worked, over the years. I feel a constant urge to apologise to Laya, Vicki and the show hosts at Cafe Musique as I watch their guests TP out in droves while I get stuck into my show. In a very basic sense, I can’t do anything about that. All I can do, is do what I do. I know that my music is an acquired taste (perhaps a bit like Guinness or Malt Whiskey) and I have to live with it. That is not a problem at my small venue Terra Fyrmusica (which I rent at a very reasonable rate from my good friend Ferdy) but for the owners of top quality live music venues such as Cafe Musique, I wish I could do better.

Well, that’s quite a bit to get off my chest, as they say. I hope you are all OK, and that those of you who used to come to the Monday Terra Fyrmusica shows in the past might think about returning in the near future?
Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles 🙂