Blog on the Bog: 12 o’clock Position

Hello, my dear blogophiles. This is to introduce what I hope will become a new mini-series of blogs. As you know, I did recently have a foray into the world of vlogging. This proved to be an extremely time-consuming activity, especially at the post-production stage of the proceedings. I am therefore returning to my blog for a while, which is much simpler to sort out.

Let me start by mentioning a plumbing saga that has engulfed my quotidian existence of late. At home, for various reasons, we needed to replace the bathroom toilet. We engaged the services of a local plumber who had been carrying out some work on a neighbour’s house. All went well and the job was finished more or less on time and I paid the bill. Some weeks later, we noticed that the loo seat had slipped out of alignment. It was leaning a little to the left, towards the side wall. So, from the point of view of the person sitting on the toilet, the seat was at 11 o’clock to the porcelain bowl. I called the plumber and he came around swiftly to sort things out. Little did I know that this would be the first of many visits!

I hasten to add that the firm is a well-established small business within our city and the boss is as puzzled by it all as I am. So far we are on the third replacement seat. At the last visit I did say that I was having conversations with him more often than I was talking to my mates, and that I had almost come to regard him as a personal friend. We laughed over that and he told me to be sure to phone him if and when the next misalignment sets in.

Earlier this year I read an interesting book on stoicism. A major theme in this book was that when you are hit with an annoyingly problematic turn of events, you should regard it as an opportunity for finding something positive in it. In other words, a problem can be regarded as a stimulus for creative thinking. While I was travelling on the local metro train, earlier this week, I got to thinking about all this in relation to the plumbing saga. I am not a plumber and therefore I cannot come up with a creative practical solution. However, it occurred to me that I might be able to use it as a framework for a short series of comedic blogs (I don’t think there would be enough in the idea to support a larger project, such as a novel).

So here I am. I shall start the series with an illustration I have done in my digital art program. This depicts the 12 o’clock position of proper alignment. Hopefully, I shall be able to shift my character around a little as the seat drifts into wonkiness. At present, I don’t even know if there will be another episode or not. Still, that is the fun of live blogging; it is all very spontaneous. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

Bog 05

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