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I am trying to get a reasonable workflow in terms of my attempt to become a Video-Blogger (Vlogger). One problem has been that my movies have arrived at some of your screens in the incorrect orientation (so you have to lean your head to the side at 90 degrees in order to watch them).

Regrettably, my learning curve is very steep in this regard and I am still not confident that I have got the hang of things. My primary objective is to get the Vlogs to work on You Tube. I’m not sure how well the links  from my Lewis Music home page are working.

The current situation is this. I have cleared out some old stuff from my You Tube channel. There are now basically two blogs up on it (one dated 28th January and the other 31st January, 2018). So you could try to reach them from my Lewis Music site, and hopefully that will work.

In terms of the 31st January blog, I will endeavour to now put a link to that directly from here, as follows:

Fyrm’s latest Vlog


Hope this works. Bye for now, my dear blogophiles

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