My First Attempt to Vlog Using a Green Screen Technique

It has taken a while and I am still not confident about using the HitFilm software, excellent as it may be. However, I have succeeded in getting a VLog up on You Tube that makes use of the Green Screen technique….

I recorded the blog sitting in an easy chair in my little studio. The room is too small to take a proper Green Screen, but I managed to make do in a Heath-Robinsonesque sort of way. I’m afraid the content is not brilliantly inspiring but, at last, I managed to turn my solid wall background into an open window looking out onto some rather old-fashioned buildings on a street in Paris.

I hope to explore more virtual scenes in the future. The downside of doing the Vlog in this fashion is that I cannot play the piano. I attempt to explain what the problem is, within the Vlog. And I talk about my spectacles and the fact that I possess a high-domed forehead! I bet you just can’t wait – lol…

Fyrm’s first use of the Green Screen technique in a You Tube Vlog

Speak to you later my dear blogophiles/Vlogophiles !!



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