The Great Tidy-Up

I can’t tell you  how many hours I have spent on trying to tidy up old stuff. It was mainly 4-ring binders, lever-arch and box files. I never actually counted the number of A4 sheets of paper I took down for recycling but the pile, when neatly stacked, measured 8″ high. Now, for my continental friends, 8″ stands for eight inches in England which is ‘old money’ for about 200 mm, I think. When are they going to bring back L.s.d. (and that is not a drug reference, btw)?

I had been wanting to write a few blogs just recently but I forgot my password to get in to do it. Then they sent it to an email that I haven’t used for about a decade and I had forgotten my password to get into that email. Passwords are driving me nuts, at the moment.

Anyway, I am getting into playing my friend’s Fender Telecaster through a Behringer virtual amp and it is sounding very good. I feel a purchase coming on… Talk to you later, my dear blogophiles.


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