Lunar eclipse 28 September 2015

I stayed up late, wrapped up, and went out into the garden at 02h20. I took a chair into the middle of the lawn and sat looking up at the moon. The sky was clear and I could see a sprinkling of stars. It was very quiet, although I could hear the hum of traffic from the main road, some distance away. The eclipse began to be noticeable at around 02h25 from my vantage point in the north east of England. I had to look south to observe it. By 02h35 about half of the moon was covered but I could detect no redness. By 02h45 only a third of the moon was showing. Eventually, there was a total eclipse of the moon at around 03h15 and by that time it was definitely glowing red. I was starting to get cold out there, so I packed up and came indoors to upload my photos and write this piece. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

Lunar eclipse 28 September 2015

Lunar eclipse 28 September 2015

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