Raspberries and salad cream

I bought some fresh raspberries at the supermarket the other day, and this evening I thought I would have some of them. So I got the package out of the fridge and put a good handful into a bowl. I then rummaged about for the tub of cream I thought I had bought, but could not find it. I think I actually forgot to buy any when I was shopping.

Although my search for the tub of double cream was unsuccessful, I did find a small bottle of salad cream in the fridge. I decided to try some with the raspberries, since I have never before had this combination. I figured that raspberries are often not especially sweet and in fact are frequently sharp. I figured that putting salad cream on them would be no more weird than putting it on tomatoes (which I sometimes do).

I therefore shot a reasonably liberal squirt of the salad cream onto my raspberries and sat down to eat the mixture. The taste was quite strange but not unpleasant, IMHO. So, I am thinking that I might try this again at some point in the future. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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