It’s been a while

I’m sorry that I have not been posting here, lately. Perhaps I should tell you about what I have been up to in the Department of Creative Works!

As you may know, my e-book The Hexington Hex has been up on Amazon for quite some time. This is also available in a print version (they print a copy on demand, if you order one). You can get to it from my Home Page or the following link should work, too.

Apart from The Hexington Hex, I have now finished the manuscript for my next novel Passionate Abrasions, and that is currently being copy-edited. I hope to publish this book on Amazon, sometime in July 2015. Meanwhile, I am awaiting the muse to strike, and am gearing myself up to start on my third novel (I do not yet know what that will be about).

The music chugs on. I have now played 1346 one hour shows on the Internet since January, 2008. Currently, I am playing three shows per week (usually on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm GMT, which translates to midday in Second Life time). I have plans to do more with my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) but first I shall have to upgrade a couple of bits and pieces, equipment-wise, before I can get going on that.

Turning now to the drawing and sketching, I regret to say that things have not gone according to plan in this domain. I had hoped to do about 30 sketches to illustrate the lyrics of my original songs and to then put together a coffee table book. I got about half-way though this programme but then things dried up. My paint brushes and drawing pens have lain idle for some time and so I have decided to shelve this project. It is possible that I may resuscitate it at some point in the future. Who knows?

So, my dear blogophiles, this ends the brief update of my various creative activities. Bye for now.

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