Brief update on dice reading

I went to the library today and I started ‘dice reading’ one of the books I borrowed, this afternoon. If you are not sure what dice reading is I suggest you have a look at one of my previous posts a couple of blogs ago in which I describe it in some detail.

I have done 20 throws of a single dice and that has taken me up to p.66. There is something not altogether surprising about this. A dice throw will produce a number between 1-6 and each number is equally probable on each throw. So the mid-score is theoretically 3.5, lying between the two middle numbers of three and four. So, if the dice is more or less unbiased, 20 throws should get me to 20 x 3.5 = 70. Obviously, with such a small number of throws, we would not expect the theoretical estimate to be 100% accurate, but my actual p.66 is not too far off the estimated 70.

The reading experience really is quite strange. It can be a bit frustrating starting a page in mid-sentence (and finishing it that way, too). Still, it is not a hopeless task. I have started to develop a sense of the plot and am beginning to recognise some of the characters. The act of reading, in this way, feels a little like problem-solving. It involves lots of speculative guessing. But even that varies depending on the dice throw. After all, a throw of #1 simply involves carrying on to the next page, whereas a throw of #6 takes you 6 pages further forwards. So, the nature of the puzzle experience ebbs and flows with each throw of the dice.

Well, I just wanted to give you a sense of how things were progressing. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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