Wasps prevent sound check

This morning, I wanted to do a sound check with an old Marshall amplifier I have. It is designed to take the input from both a voice mic and an electro-acoustic guitar. I used to keep it my wardrobe, since I tend not to use it very much. An inspection of the dust-encrusted depths of the space known as the bottom-of-my-wardrobe  revealed a complete absence of any amplifier, Marshall or other. I then began the tedious task of searching my memory. I recalled an episode that occurred a couple of years ago where I completed a major reorganisation of one of the upstairs rooms. I had a feeling that I might have stowed the amp in a small storage space off that room. There is a cupboard door, about one metre high, that leads into this hidey-hole. It is where the rafters, covered by insulating material, lie beneath the roof tiles.

I opened the door and saw a rectangular box-shape in a sealed, dusty, white plastic bag, with the words ‘Marshall amp’ printed across it in felt tip marker pen. I was about to reach in for it, when I saw a load of very dozy wasps moving around a fairly large nest. I quickly closed the door and phoned pest control at my local council offices.

They would, for the price of 50 GBP send someone up to spray the wasps. However, the very helpful woman on the phone explained to me that all the wasps would all be in the process of dying right now, and they don’t use the same nest next year. She suggested I just wait until we get a few cold winter days and that will finish them off. Apparently the queen wasp will already have flown off to hibernate somewhere.  So, once they are dead, she advised me to put the nest in a plastic bin liner and throw it away.

This was the first time I have ever had to abandon a sound check on account of wasps. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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