The Hex Seasons

Hello! Well, I finally ground to the end that book I borrowed on the whim of the dice, last week. 408 bloody pages, and I mean that as a vampiric literal truth. At least the next book about Tokyo Geisha girls should provide a change.

Now, for the benefit of those of you who have read my e-novel The Hexagon Hex (you can get a link to it on the Amazon book shelf from my homepage) I have decided to define the Hex seasons in the following way:
Hex-Spring = Hex-month Green
Hex-Summer = Hex-months Blue & Purple
Hex-Autumn = Hex-month Red
Hex-Winter = Hex-months Orange & Yellow.

The Hex-seasons relate loosely to the conventional calendar as follows:
Hex-Spring runs from the beginning of March to the end of April
Hex-Summer runs from the beginning of May to the tail end of August
Hex-Autumn runs from early September to the end of October
Hex-Winter starts at the beginning of November and goes through to the tail end of February.

Perhaps I should remind you that the fit to the conventional callendar dates is only approximate. I do like the way that both summer and winter are long seasons, in Hex, while spring and autumn are both  short.

In case anyone is interested, today’s Hex-date in 2014 is RYOG. This translates into the colour sequence as follows:
Hex-month = Red
Hex-treek = Orange
Hex-Day = Green

I think that is all for now. Today I play a gig at the Hippy Haven in Second Life at midday SLT (that is 8 pm in England). If you are not in Second Life you can find out how to listen to my live show by going to the relevant link off my home page. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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