Vargas, blood & guts

The Vargas book is rather gruesome. It seems to be concerned with the investigation of an exceedingly bloody murder where the victim’s body has been chain-sawed, axed and cut up into some 460 fragments and about 300 of those were pounded to a pulp. For some reason, both the French police and Scotland Yard are involved. I have found a self-issue reciept, tucked into one of the pages, that suggests it was last borrowed in March, 2013. I feel that the book has either been poorly classified (as General Fiction) or was misplaced upon the wrong shelf by the librarian, back in March 2013. I think the Crime shelves might be a better home for it. Maybe I shall raise this point when I return the book. Anyway, I am on page 134 and the initial suspect has just been shot. I am not really enjoying this story. At least there were no murders in the Stoner book! Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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