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Corpus Footballus

July 23, 2014

When I was studying for my degree, as an undergraduate, I had to take some exams in basic physiology, especially as it applied to the brain and the central nervous system. I never felt that I excelled in this area but I learned the names of a few bits and bobs, such as the corpus callosum. I was pondering this as I mowed the lawn this morning and I was struck with an Archimedean light bulb flash. The reason why I have not the slightest bit of interest in football is because my brain is a bit wonky: I am lacking the Corpus Footballus. In fact an adjacent bit (the Corpus Athleticus) also seems to be missing, since the flood of Commonwealth Games TV gobbits from Glasgow is filling me with dread already, and it only starts today. For somebody with a hard-wired sports phobia (the generic term is Olympophobia, I believe) there is nothing else to do but move into the cupboard under the stairs with a packet of chocolate biscuits for a week or so. And I’ve only recently recovered from a very nasty bout that was induced by the world cup. Even the swing of a golf club in Scotland triggers a few nerve spikes.

Turning now to my international fanbase, Fyrm’s Firm, I have to say that I am somewhat concerned that I have lost some of my regular repeating gigs lately. Apart from Acherusia (who simply gave me the boot – very unfortunate term, given my Corpus Footballus problems), Minstrels Watch and the Village CafĂ© have both closed down. The Helle’s Angels venue is on its regular summer break but will be starting up again in August. I think my strategy for the moment will be to put on about three shows per week at my Terra Fyrmusica venue. Ringo Sicling has kindly agreed to host me at the Ragged Edge venue this Thursday (24th July), and I have a show planned for Saturday 26th at Terra Fyrmusica. I’ll sort things out for next week, at the weekend.

Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

Been neglecting the blog lately

July 7, 2014

This is just to say that I have suddenly realised that I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time (I think the last post was back in May). Well, I shall attempt to mend my ways shortly. Bye for now, my dear blogophiles.