Kitchen cabinet bodge-up

The other day a substantial wall cabinet in my kitchen fell away from the wall, drooping somewhat dangerously from the top left-hand corner. Gingerly we emptied out the contents. I then set about bringing the structure down, safely. This involved a lot of unscrewing and, towards the end, the occasional use of a crowbar. It was only when I had removed the cabinet from the wall that I realised what an incredible bodge-up its installation had been, in the first place (this would have been at least two or three decades ago). I have super-imposed a close up of the FOUR sets of drill holes that were made before a successful alignment was achieved. It was the screws on this corner bracket that gave way.


This incident does raise the question of how much we take on trust in terms of the buildings we live in. The only way I could have ascertained that the kitchen furniture had been assembled by an incompetent person would have been to have requested that the previous occupant empty the cupboards and take them down for me, so that I could inspect the quality of the fixings. Clearly, this is not practical. Still, I am moved to take the remaining cabinets down and have some new ones put up, almost on grounds of health and safety.

I am reminded of the old joke that was around in the 1960s during a series of sex scandals involving members of the English parliament: one loose screw and the whole cabinet falls apart – literally true in the present scenario. I shall speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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