Cradle for synthesiser

I’m sorry that this blog has been so quiet for so long. I’ve been very busy writing an e-novel. Although I have now got to the end, I am still bogged down making some revisions and additions to the text.

Anyway, this is to let my Second Life fans know that I have just built a cradle to hold my synthesiser and it will stand atop my piano. I’m not exactly sure how I shall use this in future but I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities. You will recall that I sometimes do improvisations within a limit set by my kitchen timer (usually around three to five minutes long). I am wondering whether that might good to do. The only problem I have at present is that I have not worked out how to incorporate a music stand. This could be a bit of a problem.

Synth above piano

Synth above piano

I am attaching a pic here so you can see roughly what it looks like. My mixer is one pace away on the other side of the room and I tend to sit close by the mixer when I play guitar or mandolin so that I can tweak knobs when necessary. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.


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