Festive whatnots and other grumpiness

Since I wrote my last blog, Xmas and New Year have passed. I just want you to know that I have survived the festive season.

Indeed, my friend Tom and I are planning to go to our favourite Garden Centre for a full English breakfast tomorrow. We stopped going there as soon as they put up the Xmas decorations (about last October). We figure the bulk of the glitter stuff should be down by now. I suppose there are good business reasons why Santa’s Grotto should pull the crowds in during the winter months, but it just makes me want to barf, as my great friend Gerry from Canada used to say (for English… barf = puke). All that tinsel has nothing to do with religion and it certainly detracts from our full English breakfasts. I think excessive tinsel should be banned in public.  I mean, garden centres should be for gardening, not messing about with Santa Claus. What is the world coming to? I ask myself, rhetorically. Of course, even Santa has not elbowed out competitive sports. We have all that football nonsense coming back and the dreaded residue of Olymics. It makes me sigh heavily. Why does the world think that everyone celebrates competitive games and extreme forms of atheltic self-imposed physical torture.  I just cannot understand the mentality of the people in the grandstands, let alone those on the pitch or track. So over-done. I mean, yes, ok – go win the egg-and-spoon race on sports day, but don’t make a whole liftetime thing of it. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles. Sport is not manufacture, although manufacturers do benefit from sport.


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