Can’t stand watching competitive sports

I really dislike watching competitive sports on Tv. We have had the cycling Tour de France, the Olympics – both versions, and now  tennis. I don’t really like watching TV, anyway. Normally, I turn to BBC News 24 while I grab a bite to eat. But even that news channel has been stuffed with sport over the past month or so. As for the future, we have interminable football boredom to look forward to. It is relentless. I think I may have to give up mass-media, completely, at some point.

I think that the sorts of training schedules that produce such single-minded athletes might not produce fully-rounded characters. Maybe they will produced good obsessive-compulsive, narrow-minded goal-seakers. Well, I don’t think that is something to be lauded. And, as I have said before, every WINNER is parasitic on lots of LOSERS. Without the losers there would be no winners. If only we could persuade the losers not to compete in the first place, there would be no FIRST place. Some of the interviews with winners have sent me rushing off for a barf-bag. Cringe-cringe-cringe.

My other thought is that sports were supposed to be a pastime. One should not need fancy equipment or ridiculously expensive facilities. Athletics is becoming as bad as football. Nowadays it is a multi-million industry. I think all this is hugely regrettable. It has spiralled out of control. Let it be a knock-about for casual enjoyment. Olympic gold medallists are now regarded as tantamount to Gods, as opposed to obsessive-compulsive physical masochists. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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