What would happen if the world (I mean all of us} suddenly did not subscribe to competitive sports. It would mean that we really did not sign up  to the cult of winners and losers.

The whole of competive sports would fall away. Football, athletics, cricket, swimming, bla, bla, bla.  What would be the worst that would happen?

Olympics would just morph off into the status of a slighly wierd physio-perversion. So, there might be some relief for the individuals who are involved and hooked. After all,  the notion of winning at all costs might become an idea that dominates their minds and maybe disturbs their development as rounded human beings.

Of course, if competitive sports were reduced to merely pottering about a playing field, locally, then lots of money might be saved. I suppose if the Olympics were not on TV, we would have to think of something else to occupy our minds. Personally, I can think of LOTS of things.

Can’t stand competitive sports. Have to hide myself away over the next month or so.

Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles..

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