Seaside walk

Location: On the rocks; low tide; Whitburn, N.E. England

Peaceful sea

Smell: salty seaweed

Sounds: white noise of waves gently breaking on the rocks. Occasional seagull cries

Participants: None. Nobody in sight 360 degrees

Mood: 5/10. Pensive, tranquil.

State of belly: Recently satisfied by picnic on rocks here. Ham sandwich, raw tomato, Cox’s apple

Current activity (primary): Sitting on rock, drinking black coffee (poured from Thermos Flask into household mug brought in rucksack)

Current activity (secondary): sporadically writing these notes in spiral pad

Dress: jeans, blue shirt (sleeves rolled, open neck), walking boots, socks

Time: 1310

Personal orientation: North east (looking out to sea)

Wind: East-south-east. Sufficient strength to lift pages of notebook

Sky: blue with covering of low stratocumulus cloudlets

Blue sky and stratocumulus cloudlets from location of picnic

Scary moment: close encounter with a stonephant.

The stonephant, a distant cousin of the elephant

I survived the scary moment. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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