Cold, wet walk

At 9.30 I met up with my friends Tom and Terry and drove north of the Wear to Roker where I parked the car by the bungalow café. The weather report was not good but the rain was only slight at that time; it came and went. There was a good breeze but nothing more. We therefore set out on our agreed route from the Wear, along the coastal path northwards, to the river Tyne at South Shields.

Start of the walk, near the Cat & Dog steps

The walk was invigorating to start with, as we traversed the sandy bay at Seaburn up to the Whitburn cliffs; dog walkers abounded and their hounds bounded hither and thither with much tail wagging and enthusiastic barking.

As we walked past the army rifle ranges, on our left, with the sea now pounding rather more insistently on our right, the rain began to set in and the wind started to whip up cold and biting.

Once past Marsden Grotto the rain and the chill began to attack with more gusto; it became difficult to see the path ahead clearly with raindrops streaming onto my spectacles. Any car driver should know what I mean; can you imagine driving through rain with broken windscreen wipers? I had taken a clean linen handkerchief especially for the purpose of mopping the water from my glasses but soon it became sodden; it was no longer fit for purpose.

By the time we descended from the cliff, onto the promenade at South Shields, I was wet. It is said that walkers should wear appropriate clothing. I was wearing a Berghaus anorak and a pair of Craghopper trousers. Totally bloody useless. All that stuff about the water being wicked away – utter bollox. I was cold and drenched through. Grrrrr….!!!!!! By the time we got to the bus stop to get back to the car, there was a gale blowing and the sea was very rough. Utterly bedraggled, I was.

Still, it was our first walk out this year. I suppose we bonded in adversity. Maybe we will even laugh about it later in the year when we are sweating in the summer sun as we toil up a steeply-inclined footpath to the top of some  pretty knoll for our lunchtime picnic.

Today I play Terra Fyrmusica at 8 pm English time (midday in Second Life). Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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