The end of an era

Today a took a big old TV down to the recycling tip. It was really too heavy for me to carry and last week I strained some muscles in my back lugging it into the shed. It was the tube and screen which made it heavy. Anyway, I dismantled it as far as I could, so that I could carry the tube separately and I was just about able to do that, getting it into the car and out again at the recycling tip. Here is a pic of some of the remains.

Remains of an old-fashioned TV

When I got back, I sorted out a few large cardboard boxes for our recycling bin (perhaps I should have done that earlier and taken it straight to the tip, but I could not concentrate on anything until I had dealt with the old TV). I swept up a bit in the shed and put a sun lounger out on the lawn. Even though it is still March, it was beautifully warm out there. I had a cup of coffee while I drew the water butt (and the over-turned wheelbarrow is next to it).

Water butt and wheel barrow

I am now back inside and am about to start my piano practice, having dealt with something very smelly in the fridge. I need to think about what to play for my gig at Terra Fyrmusica in Second Life, tonight. That will be midday SLT and in England we are back to the usual 8 hour time difference once more. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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