Spring flowers

We have a lovely sunny day here in England and the spring flowers are looking great. Here is a photo to give you some idea of the current delights (actually, I think it is from a flowering current bush, so there was a bit of a pun intended).

Spring flowers

I now have some closure in terms of my autobiography project. I have received some wonderful feedback in emails, over this past week. I am going to see whether it would be possible to turn it into an e-book at blurb.com, in due course, but for the present I seem to be busy with other things. Yesterday I downloaded the Scrivener program and I am currently working my way through some of the tutorials. It seems like a powerful piece of software and many book authors love it. It certainly has some good reviews. It is too early to tell whether it will suit my way of writing. I think the only way will be to try it and see. I am currently thinking of resuscitating my previous fiction character, Harold Hake. Those of you who heard me read that book aloud in instalments on Second Life will remember that Harold had just retired from teaching at university. So I might pick up his adventures post-retirment and write that as an illustrated book. It won’t be a graphic novel, but maybe I could put 4 or 5 illustrations into each chapter. This would be following the pattern of my autobiography (I made about 45 illustrations for that book).

I am still hitting the wall in terms of my piano playing. I keep practicing and I have one or two ideas concerning the way forward. The guitar is being a tad problematic too. When I am noodling around at home I seem to be getting some nice fiddly bits going but when I am sitting all wired up and streaming to the internet my improvisational imagination seems to dry up. Maybe I need to put a bit more structure into it, song by song. Well, lots to think about there. Tonight I play Minstrel’s Point (that is at midday SLT and English clocks changed last night – so we are back to the usual time difference with Second Life now). Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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