Bubble & squeak

Today I cooked a vegetarian lunch. I made bubble and squeak with some fried leeks blended into the mashed potato patties. I also cooked some dumplings, made with vegetarian suet. I par-boiled some carrot matchsticks and then fried them in butter and honey, serving them with a liberal sprinkling of chopped fresh corriander. To add a little colour, I also served a spoonful of little Brussels sprouts. I got some of my inspiration from a bunch of recipes on the BBC food pages (bbc.co.uk/food).

Vegetarian Sunday lunch

My planning could have been better. I tried to fry too much simultaneously at the end and I possibly overdid the burnt effect on the bubble & squeak. I think that could easily have sat in a serving dish in a warm oven for 10 minutes while I focussed on the carrots. The dumplings were very tasty; I put a veggie stock cube in the cooking water in the pan I used to cook them. The kitchen needed some clearing up afterwards, but that is all done now and things are ship-shape. I was hoping to draw some more drapery this afternoon but I think a long nap might be necessary following the expenditure of so much culinary energy. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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