Yellow croci

Today I had the full English breakfast with my friend Tom, and a very good one it was too. On returning home, I noticed a few yellow croci had come out in a border near my kitchen. Apart from the white snowdrops, this is the first splotch of colour I have seen in the garden this year. Roll on spring.

First sign of colour in my garden

In my blog post for 14th February I showed you my drawing of compression patterns in a close-fitting woollen sweater. This was kindly posed for me by one of my friends. I moved on today to work on the compressions in a smoother dress material, based on some random pic of a clothes model.

Compression folds in a fashion dress

I have started to notice these patterns as I move around in First Life. For example, the young woman who served breakfast this morning had some brilliant patterning across the back of her blouse as she turned from us to pour the coffee from the machine on the counter. Also, a young man who was waiting to be served had some very intruiging folds towards the cuffs of his jeans, above his shoes. I still do not have the courage to approach people to ask if I might photograph their drapery folds. This is because I cannot shake off the belief that, were I to do so, the probability of my ending up in a prison cell or a mental hospital is significantly greater than zero.  Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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