Compression patterns in sweaters

I am studying a very interesting book by Michael Massen on how to draw drapery. This is making me look at clothing and the way it hangs on bodies in an entirely new light. I present my first attempt to get to grips with this, below.

Patterning of compression in a sweater

Even something simple like a close-fitting sweater seems to be full of compression patterns. I feel there is much to learn in this domain.

I shall be playing gig #822 at Terra Fyrmusica this evening in Second Life. If possible, I need to check a couple of things in terms of my sound, later this afternoon. But before I get down to that I have to practice piano. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

One Response to “Compression patterns in sweaters”

  1. Michael Massen Says:


    Glad you liked the book.

    Bravo on your drawings! Especially since you are calling these your “first attempts!”

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