Central heating suit

I was up early, squirting a bit of air into one of my front tyres. Hopefully, it will behave itself and not deflate. If it does, I suppose the inevitable trip to the garage will have to be endured.

I am drinking a particularly pleasant cup of coffee, made with freshly ground beans. I am using my George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four mug that Penguin Books produced for one of their anniversaries; it is my favourite mug. When I have finished I intend to get out into the garden and sweep up some fallen leaves. It is a mild day and it looks as though it will keep dry. We have colder weather predicted, although Canadians might fall about laughing at our (English) notions of cold weather.

I would like to design a body suit that could be connected by a flexible hose to a coupler from our hot water central heating system. The coupler could be placed by my armchair with a retractable nozzle coming from a handy wall bracket. Turn the valve to OPEN and feel the warmth flowing around your body. I suppose it would be quite comfortable. Maybe a bit like lying on a water bed. Well, there is an idea! Perhaps zipping myself into a body suit would be a bit inconvenient becauser I would have to unzip every time I wanted to get out of the chair to make a cup of tea or whatever. Why not make a water-chair, as opposed to a water bed, and connect this to the central heating system? I guess the chair could have an optional zip flap for those very cold days. I do realise that a simpler solution might be to turn up the central heating in the house in the first place but that would be boring, and would not warrant discussion here on my blog.

Deborah's ear and hand

I have been drawing more ears and hands and I present one of each, above. I’m not sure what I shall move onto next. I would like to do noses, but I have a feeling that folks will be somewhat reluctant to allow me to snap their conks. Next Wednesday I shall start another ten week sketching course at the Lit & Phil library in Newcastle. Meanwhile, there is much to do on piano and guitar. So, I had better get moving. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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