My friend Ali’s hands

We had a visit from our friends Ali and Maura yesterday and they very kindly allowed me to take a few reference photos of their hands. Here is the pencil sketch that I have done of Ali’s hands. She was sitting on our settee and I decided to include some drapery to provide context. Her dress pattern I devised from some random scumbling and filling with a 6B.

Ali's hands

Turning now to music, I played show #799 at Ragged Edge in Second Life on Thursday. Tomorrow, New Year’s day, should see me playing show #800 at Minstrel’s Point. I played my very first gig in Second Life at this venue, when it was called Rocky Shores. That was four years ago, almost exactly, on January 3rd. So, my average is 4 shows per week and that sounds about right. I don’t want to play every day and I don’t like playing more than one gig per day.

I like to make some musical New Year’s resolutions, and usually I more or less stick to them. I shall think about this later today. I shall make some for my drawing and sketching, too. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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