Cumulus skies at Whitburn

I tested my new wellies today around the rock pools on Whitburn beach. There were some excellent skies, with the sun piercing through largely cumulus cloud formations. I got a very nice cheese and pesto panini with a cup of coffee from the cafe by one of the small car parks near the rocks.

Cumulus Whitburnus

I’m reading a rather depressing novel by Stanley Middleton called ‘Holiday’ and it is set in a seaside town on the East coast of England. Maybe I needed to go to the coast today to cheer myself up. I shall take it back to the Lit & Phil on Wednesday whether or not I have finished it.

My acrylic of The Lions Head on Cauldwellhall Road in Ipswich is going very slowly. I realised this morning that I had made a mistake with the perspective for the pub. At least you can keep working acrylics over. I suppose they are like oils in that regard. Anyway, time for a short nap. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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