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Cumulus skies at Whitburn

October 17, 2011

I tested my new wellies today around the rock pools on Whitburn beach. There were some excellent skies, with the sun piercing through largely cumulus cloud formations. I got a very nice cheese and pesto panini with a cup of coffee from the cafe by one of the small car parks near the rocks.

Cumulus Whitburnus

I’m reading a rather depressing novel by Stanley Middleton called ‘Holiday’ and it is set in a seaside town on the East coast of England. Maybe I needed to go to the coast today to cheer myself up. I shall take it back to the Lit & Phil on Wednesday whether or not I have finished it.

My acrylic of The Lions Head on Cauldwellhall Road in Ipswich is going very slowly. I realised this morning that I had made a mistake with the perspective for the pub. At least you can keep working acrylics over. I suppose they are like oils in that regard. Anyway, time for a short nap. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

Been a bit busy

October 16, 2011

For some reason I seem to have been very busy and have not gotten around to blogging for a week or so; for this I apologise to my regular blogophiles. My autobiography project is at a crucial stage. I have now decided to include approximately 40 original sketches and have about 25 of these done or in the final stages of completion. However, hitherto, I was intending to complete all of the art work digitally, working with a Wacom tablet and stylus. Since starting the course at the Lit & Phil a few weeks ago, I have now revised this strategy and I am wanting to shift into real paper, inks, paints and canvass. Emma Holliday, who runs this class, has been very encouraging in this regard. My friend Tom, who is an ace photographer, is going to help me photograph the items that won’t scan. For example, I am currently working on an acrylic of Cauldwellhall Road in Ipswich, featuring The Lion’s Head pub. I am working on the back side of a piece of hardboard measuring one foot by two foot (in old money). This I have sized with external white emulsion paint. My style is being forced out of the obsessively neat and detailed approach that seems to characterise my watercolours, and I think this is probably a good thing for me.

Speaking of style, I had a great chat with the young woman who works in the music shop opposite the Sunderland Empire theatre. She is Italian and came over to Sunderland to take the applied fine art degree at our university. Anyway, I got chatting to her about some of my drawings and she showed me some of her work and gave me lots of tips, which I shall put into effect in due course.

I have not put many of these sketches up on this blog, since I am saving them for the autobiography which I shall put together in Still, I do have a nice photograph that I took while waiting for a train in Leeds station last weekend when I was going Brighouse in order to visit with my nephew.

Waiting for a train at Leeds station

This will have to suffice for the moment. I shall try to blog again fairly soon to give you an update on what is happening in terms of my music performance (things seem to be ticking over uneventfully in that domain). Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.