Leather rocker

I have been feeling chilly today. Out of the window, the sky looks grey. Summer, for what it was worth which was not a fat lot in England this year, seems to have departed. Soon I shall have to decide whether or not to make Christmas puddings.

I have now been to a couple of sketching classes at the Lit & Phil in Newcastle and I am enjoying them very much. The sessions are taken by a young woman called Emma and she is both enthusiastic and helpful. On Wednesday we drew a chair and focussed on negative space. My chair did not turn out too well and so I have been practicing at home. In my first drawing the chair looked as if it had been placed in a vice and crushed to make it comfortable for a race of humanoid aliens with very short thighs. I then corrected this fault and present the result below.

Pencil sketch of leather rocking chair

Yesterday was my first SL show for about two weeks, the laptop having now been repaired. I enjoyed playing which is good because I have a fairly busy week of gigs lined up. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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2 Responses to “Leather rocker”

  1. Joy Pinklady Says:

    lovely drawing, is that pencil/pen and ink

  2. enigmaticpencil Says:

    It is a pencil only drawing, Joy. No pen and ink

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