Coq au vin and other delights

Yesterday an old school friend and his wife came to visit and we had a really lovely time. We went for a walk along the coastal path between Sunderland and South Shields, a little south of Marsden. We started at the Souter Point lighthouse. In the evening I cooked a meal. For the starter I made some brown rice, using apple juice and water to cook it first. Then I fried the rice in olive oil with some prawns and a couple of peaches that I had cut into pieces. This provided a tasty warm rice salad. I had intended to garnish with some lettuce from the garden but I forgot to do that, in the end.

The main course was coq au vin. I followed the Julia Child recipe but I was not able to be entirely authentic. One of the diners did not eat bacon, and another could not eat dairy products, including butter. Still, it went well, in spite of those recipe limitations. I served it with boiled new potatoes.

I finished the meal with what I had intended to be an orange granita. This turned out to be more like a sorbet in texture, since I started the freezing process in the ice-cream maker. I think that to get the texture of a granita, one needs to do the lengthy forking procedure in a shallow freezer tray. The sugar syrup was easy to make and I supplemented the orange juice with the squeezed juice of a lemon and a lime.  I served it with a few fresh strawberries on top.

Orange sorbet with strawberries

I am finding my digital life to be rather difficult without my proper laptop. My note book is helping me to get by until it is returned from the repair but it is a nuisance being without it. I have missed playing my SL shows, I have to say. The summer has gone cold here and today I got out my winter woollen sweater; I am wearing it as I sit and type. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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