Wheelbarrow, watering can, and broom

Today has been warm with a reasonable amount of sunshine. I therefore did my sketching practice in the garden. Although a wheelbarrow and a watering can can (inappropriate allusion to leggy French dancing) hardly be regarded as constituting inspirational subject matter, they do provide a range of technical challenges for the amateur daubsmith.

Pencil sketch of wheelbarrow and watering can

Apart from making the drawing, I also mended my outdoor broom. Sadly its head had fallen off. The reason for this was that, after some thirty years or more stirling service, its screw had given up the ghost; it was rusted and broken in two, thus being no longer capable of maintaining the efficient fusion of head and stick. I had to saw about an inch off the business end of the handle and pare the wood down with a chisel to get it into the hole. I hate to think what our dear friend Dr Freud would make of such an activity! Still, the broom  appears to be holding together just fine. Whilst such an acheivement hardly merits a Nobel prize, it is nonetheless extraordinarily satisfying. Of course, the bristles are getting a bit old now but, like their owner, they are still functioning after a fashion.

I am playing Ragged Edge in SL tonight and I am looking forward to it. In fact I think I’ll run through a few numbers on the piano right now. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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