Quartered orange

Looking for a subject for my daily sketching practice, I found an orange in the kitchen which I halved and then made quarters of one of the halves. I present the result below. I have not drawn the sizes and positions of the component elements correctly, although they are approximately where they should be. Ideally, I should take a break and then go back to it with a critical eye and to correct my outline. However, this will not now be possible, since I have eaten the orange and it is in my tummy. I tidied the pencil drawing up a little in my digital drawing program; I am currently trying to move more flexibly between pencil and digital drawing.

Still orange: pencil sketch

The orange quarters reminded me of half-time in important hockey or football matches when I was a kid. We used to be given a piece of orange while we rested up for a while. I always thought that the orange moment was the best part of the game. I generally regarded playing athletic sports as the most crashing bore imaginable and I could never work out why school teachers who were generally thought to be moderately responsible adults  forced me to waste my time in that fashion. I am fully aware that sporty types might well regard making a pencil sketch of an orange as an awful waste of time. However, I don’t make them or their children do it. That is the difference. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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